Dentons IFLR1000-in 2023-cü il buraxılışında Avropadakı güclü mövqeyini təsdiqləyir.

The 2023 edition of IFLR1000, the guide to the world's leading financial and corporate law firms and lawyers, awarded Dentons 147 individual and 86 practice and sector rankings across continental Europe, the UK and Ireland, confirming the firm’s strong market position in the region. 

Among Dentons lawyers recognized as leaders in their respective fields across 17 jurisdictions: 

In terms of practice rankings, Dentons teams across continental Europe, the UK and in Ireland received 86 rankings, including 14 Tier 1 and 23 Tier 2 ratings, further solidifying the firm’s standing across key financial and corporate transactional practices. 

Simultaneously, IFLR1000 has announced its elite Women Leaders ranking category reserved for the most prominent women lawyers across the world working in the researched areas of law. The 2023 edition of the list includes seven Dentons women lawyers: Ulvia Zeynalova-Bockin, Loredana Chitu, Anita Horváth, Aldona Kowalczyk, Simona Marin, Eavan Saunders, and Natalia Selyakova, recognizing their outstanding market reputation, experience in leading complex, novel or innovative deals, as well as their leadership skills. 

Dentons lawyers recognized by IFLR1000 include:


  • James Hogan
  • Kamil Valiyev
  • Ulvia Zeynalova-Bockin
14 Dekabr 2023
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