Live stream: IFRS Consolidation in Practice with SAP BPC

📢PWC is pleased to invite you to our Live Stream: IFRS Consolidation in practice with SAP BPC. The discussion will focus on critical issues our professionals have encountered while implementing solutions for financial consolidation, and how they successfully resolved each issue using SAP BPC software.

✔️Key Topics:

  • Financial statements
  • Manual adjustments
  • Automatic eliminations

👥The live stream is designed for:

  • Head of Reporting
  • Reporting specialists
  • CFO
  • Deputy CFO
  • Head of Finance

The livestream will address challenges faced by companies and holdings, including:

- The unstructured business process for generating consolidated financial reports

- Corrections and adjustments in subsidiaries accounting systems while period closing

- Limited reporting capabilities and the use of system results outside the spreadsheets environment

Upon completion, participants will:

- Form a vision on the benefits of implementing SAP Business

- Planning and Consolidation as a corporate solutions for financial consolidation

- Obtain answers to specific questions that arise based on their professional experience regarding SAP BPC implementation options

🗓️Date: 16 January 2024 (Tuesday)

Time: 15:30 (GMT +4)

Working Language: English

Don't miss the opportunity and register now:

9 Yanvar 2024
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