Motorcycle Festival at Shahdag Mountain Resort

A joint motorcycle festival was held through the collaboration of the Shahdag Mountain Resort, operating under the State Tourism Agency, and the Motorcycle Clubs Union of Azerbaijan.

Approximately 300 motorcycle enthusiasts from various regions of the country gathered at this event, which was organized for the first time in Shahdag. Over the course of two days, they participated in various competitions prepared by the organizers. The owners of "iron horses" competed for supremacy in categories such as powerful motorcycle, stylish motorcycle, experienced motorcyclist, long-distance ride, arm wrestling, and more. The winners, recognized by the jury for their skills and talents, were awarded various prizes.

Furthermore, the motorcycle enthusiasts provided complimentary professional training sessions for the complex's guests. As part of the festival, which was met with great interest by both local and international visitors of the Shahdag Mountain Resort, participants were also treated to entertaining shows.

24 August 2023
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