ITALDIZAIN, with the support of the Herend, Moser and Greggio brands (represented in the Ambiance boutique), in collaboration with the Azerbaijan National Museum of Art, announced the launch of the CEHİZ LAYİHƏSİ project, dedicated to the study of the traditions of preparing a dowry in Azerbaijan.

Dowries are more than just gifts for newlyweds in Azerbaijani culture. It is a symbolic expression of deeply held values such as family and hospitality. It is a bridge between the past and the future, which transmits cultural heritage from generation to generation and emphasizes the importance of marriage as a significant stage in the life of every person. The goal of this project is to study traditions and convey knowledge about them to a new generation.

The project is a year-long series of events including lectures, workshops and field research. Participants will have the opportunity to delve into the history of dowry, discuss its modern trends and exchange their thoughts and experiences.

The first lecture “Unchanged classics: porcelain, crystal, silver in Azerbaijani culture”, within the framework of the Cehiz Layihə project, took place on June 19 at the Azerbaijan National Museum of Arts. The speakers of this event were experts in various fields: Ph.D. in history, associate professor, chief curator of the National Museum of History of Azerbaijan Mahfuza Zeynalova, Ph.D. in art history, leading researcher at ANAS Telman Ibragimov, as well as co-owner of the private gallery FR Gallery & Studio Ruslan Huseynov.

During the lecture, participants learned about the origin of the exhibits of the Azerbaijan National Museum of Art, methods of searching for artifacts in Azerbaijan, as well as the revival of interest in collecting antiques. Particular attention was paid to the significance of the tradition of passing on ancient dishes from generation to generation, which is a symbol of the continuation of the family and the preservation of its history. Participants were actively involved in the discussion, asking questions to the experts.

During the lecture, Telman Ibragimov demonstrated a unique method for assessing the quality of porcelain tableware, comparing the sound of different samples of the XIX century. When you lightly strike the edge of a porcelain product containing more than 50% kaolin, you can hear a long, clear and melodic sound - this is evidence of high quality. In this comparison, Hungarian-made porcelain from Herend stood out against the background of antique Chinese porcelain with its bright and clear sound, which indicates the high quality and craftsmanship of its manufacture.



22 September 2023
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28 September 2023

Royal Collection: Grand Opening

On September 28, 2023, renovated Royal Collection boutique opened on 4, 28 May Street. The guests of the evening turned the pages of history and went on a historical journey.28 May Street is unique - here, story after story, the chronicle of the city of Baku was formed. The first train station, the first telephone exchanges and the first jewelry boutique in the city - Royal Collection. The items in the boutique's collection are timeless jewels. These are pieces that unite generations.The boutique is located in one of the historical buildings - twin houses. Musa Nagiyev, a philanthropist and oil industrialist, who was inspired by architecture, decided to build them. He once promised to live a hundred years and create a hundred houses. His idea was embodied by the Polish architect Joseph Ploshko, who was known as a stylist and arranger. In the concept of buildings on May 28 Street, at that time Telefonnaya Street, he combined elements of Italian and French Gothic with Art Nouveau, popular in European capitals. Thanks to the vision of Musa Nagiyev and Joseph Ploshko, Baku became the “Paris of the East”. And in apartment buildings at numbers 4 and 6, shops and comfortable apartments appeared for the richest residents of the city.But despite the rapid changes and modern solutions, neither the street, nor its buildings, nor the boutiques that fill them have lost their charm. They continue to represent the values that are important to the city’s residents: diversity, continuity, hospitality.On September 28, within the walls of house No. 4, guests of the Royal Collection took an interactive journey, building a route along six points - “28 May Street”, “Twin Houses”, “Gift Shop”, “Treasures of the House”, “Magic of Shebeke” and “Collection of Memories” " At each point, stories awaited them from the perspective of objects that once became part of the life of Baku residents. On the excursion, they could listen to the melody of the street through an old telephone and watch the magic of the ancient art of shebeke, and after that they could create their own wooden figurine with colorful patterns under the guidance of master Tofik Rasulov, catch a golden talisman, like Musa Nagiyev once did, and write down memories in Royal Collection book.An important element of the program was the musical accompaniment of the evening. Several outstanding and authentic performers graced the guests' meeting with the Royal Collection. With their performances they supported the main leitmotif of the evening - the connection between generations through a modern interpretation of traditional sound. Oud, Jiva, Milam and Ibragim Babayev took the stage. The program was completed by Sevda Alekperzadeh - the voice of Caspian - an original vocalist and owner of a unique timbre.